"NYC Pedalboards has a reputation for clean, efficient design and full-on customization. As a gigging musician in New York City, owner/builder Mike Ruskin realized the importance of making the most out of a small stage and keeping pedals safe on the road.”

- Premier Guitar Magazine

"I could not believe my eyes when I took my Lunchbox out of the package. its convenient, durable and it looks unreal! Thanks to Mike and the rest of the guys at NYC Pedal Boards for making me the perfect home for my Pedals!"

Garrett Fitzgerald (Alberta, Canada)

"Thank you SOOO much for making an awesome custom board. I couldn't be happier. It looks great! The dimensions worked out perfectly. I can't say enough about it. It is truly top notch quality. Thanks!!!"

Chris Thomas (Elizabeth, PA)

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the pedal board I ordered a few weeks ago... It is without a doubt, one of the finest pieces of gear I have ever bought. so simple, and so well done. Craftsmanship son! Thank you very much. "

D. Cullen (Baltimore, MD)

"Terrific job on the "Six Shot" pedalboard! It looks great and exceeded all expectations. Your attention to detail and very reasonable prices stand in stark contrast to the major chain online stores. Thanks again!"

Craig Allen (Brewer, ME)

"I just received my custom made pedal board. WOW. It looks amazing and it's very well crafted. I placed all of my pedals (and I have a lot) inside and secured them with the velcro tape. The board is extremely professional. The hardware (locks and handle) is very strong. I want to thank you for a job well done. You built this thing to my exact specifications and for a very reasonable price. Musician's Friend or Sam Ash can't even touch this kind of quality or price. I also can't believe how fast it got here. I can't wait to show this to my band mates. I'll spread the word about your great work every chance I get."

Mike O'Donoghue (Yonkers, NY)

"I received the board last Thursday. WOW! I have to tell you, I am so very impressed with the remarkable workmanship. I am totally blown away by how incredible this thing looks! I also can’t believe how big it is…I know it’s to my specs but it looks bigger in life than it did on paper. I love it!!! I’ll just have to make sure we play larger stages!!!"

Mudd Tucker, Big Tex & The Blazin’ Pintos (Scottsdale, AZ)

"I received the pedalboard yesterday, It's fantastic! I'm very happy with it. Thank you for a great job and great service! And thank you for shipping to parts of the earth other than the USA, I appreciate the extra effort. You're about the only pedalboard builder willing to ship overseas, and that's one of the reasons I spent my money with you. Thanks for a great board!"

Gavin Mckenzie (Australia)

"The pedalboard is awesome. NYC did an excellent job customizing it to fit my needs. I can't imagine a better, more durable, more convenient pedalboard. It does everything I could possibly want to do with a pedalboard and more. I would recommend this to everyone thinking of purchasing one. Great job!"

Kevin Goodspeed (Plano, Texas)

"Thank you Mike! My Gigman pedalboard arrived the other day, and I have to say it is everything I ever hoped it would be, and more! One of the best purchases I have made. I will surely recommend NYC Pedalboards to anyone looking for a pedalboard!"

Linus Lindholm (Stockholm, Sweden)

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my new pedalboard today and I LOVE IT! I love the design of the board and the portability of it! It is alot lighter than my old SKB pedalboard and I was able to fit all four of my pedals on there without any problems! I appreciate your business, my friend and I thank you for offering such high-quality pedalboards!"

Tony Trout (Murphy, NC)

"Thanks for the EXCELLENT work. It is light, easy to work with, looks great and an overall pleasure. I got some comments at the last gig I played. I'll be sure to pass your name around. Thanks again."

R. Levinson (Santa Monica, CA)

"I just got the pedalboard this morning, and it was worth the wait and so much more! I can't believe this thing is HAND-made. There's no signs of any flaws or something that usually accompany a full-out custom job. It's incredible. The backing material is VERY sticky, and catches that Velcro wonderfully. I couldn't ask for anything else! I will refer you to all my friends, and once they see this, hopefully they'll be calling you up pretty soon! Again, a thousand thanks! I definitely will be a repeat customer! Thanks for a great product. "

R. Ohendalski (Texas)

"I'm very happy with my pedalboard - it is awesome and fantastic!"

Marcio Braga (Portugal)

"Hey, recently got mine all set up, and I have to say I'm very impressed! This thing is all that I could have hoped it would be. Seeing that I'm a bit of a worry-wort, I put this thing through some small, yet rough, tests of my own. This board is solid, I can find no flaws, and I commend you on a fabulous job. If I'm asked about it, I'll be sure to spread the good word around!"

M. Deichman (Texas)

"The pedalboard is awesome. Honestly, I can't see how a pedalboard could be better than the board you sent me. I really like the material that the platforms and the pedalboard are covered with, it's much nicer than the carpet or fuzzy stuff that I've seen before"

C. Kane (Long Beach, CA)

"I just wanted to say thanks. I've been using the board non-stop. I couldn't be happier with it, I can see that there was definite detail put into it, and I'm very glad that you did. So, thank you very much you wonderful, wonderful pedalboard maker you."

I. Hultquist (Highland Park, IL)

"I received the Pedalboard Monday morning. It is perfect, exactly like I ordered it. It also beautiful (if we could say so) in its design and contruction. I had visited many sites when I was looking for custom pedalboard, and your site made so much sense and was so well put together, that it had to be the right maker. I'm very happy I chose your service, you make an excellent product with a high sense of practicality for pedal users. Being playing with pedals for 30 years, I should know! Thanks for your excellent service and quick response."

J. Dorais (Montreal, Canada)

"Kudos! I just wanted to tell you that I'm really pleased with the custom board you made for me. It's obvious that you take pride in your work, by the attention to detail and the quality of materials. thanks again!"

Chris Bucheit (Wisconsin)

"I ordered a Gigman pedalboard, and from the moment I pulled it out of the box, I was immediately impressed. The attention to detail (rubber feet on the pedalboard bottom, and on the backside, to allow storing upright, sweet!!!) is second to none, no corners are cut on the final product. I believe in function, and the Gigman affords a player room to load up on the pedals, yet, still have a light-weight & dependable case to transport gear with. This board rocks!!!!!"

Jay Green (Maine)

"Dear Mike, the pedal boards arrived in UK today. Fantastic... they're the bees-knees!! Thanks for your swift service, I'ld have not hestitation in commending you service and importantly recommending your product. Excellent! Best wishes."

Gareth Pryce & Dr. David Baker (United Kingdom)

"I am very impressed with the quality and function of the board. I looked at 4 or 5 different manufacturers on-line and in stores and yours is definitely the best functional design and build quality. Thanks again for getting the board out quickly and for building such a well designed, affordable product!"

E. Launder (California)

"I received my custom ordered pedalboard a couple of days ago and I must tell you it is awesome! It is every bit as good or better than you would see a major label pro use in an arena. The design and workmanship is top notch. On top of everything else, it was completed and delivered earlier than expected! I recommend this product and company to any musician, amateur or professional."

P. Carlson (Tampa, FL)

"Mike, I received my pedalboard with a custom made 2nd level some days ago and I´m absolutely exited about it. The overall design and quality is awesome and it´s exactly what I wanted. Thanks for building such a great and affordable product. It was a great experience for me to deal with you and to see that real customer service is still available out there."

Dirk Wacker (Germany)

"I searched long and hard to find a quality pedalboard in the UK. In the end I ordered a Junior 24 from NYC Pedalboards as nothing available in Europe provides the same level of features and workmanship. Add to this Mike's superb customer support and you have a faultless product."

Andrew Byrom (United Kingdom)