NYC Cases/NYC Pedalboards does not do endorsement deals. All of the artists featured here actually purchased their products! If you use an NYC Case/NYC Pedalboard and would like to be featured on this page, please email or call for details.

NYC Cases/NYC Pedalboards are used (or have been used) by these fine artists:

Artist Band(s) Product(s)
Gus G. Ozzy Osbourne Gigman
Tom Linton Jimmy Eat World Pedalhead
Ben Gibbard Death Cab For Cutie
The Postal Service
Chris Walla Death Cab For Cutie Pedalhead
Dave Holmes Matisyahu
Dub Trio
Custom 46x18
Lee Sargent Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Pedalhead
Michael Amott Arch Enemy Big Shot
William F. Barry
Michael Duffy
Black Oil Incinerator Big Shot
Big Shot
Sammy Boller Citizen Zero Big Shot Deluxe
Joey Z. Life Of Agony Big Shot
Vin Accardi Brand New Big Shot
Nick Perri Mount Holly Big Shot Deluxe
Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Twin Atlantic Big Shot
Big Shot
Dave Davies The Kinks (formerly) Six Shot
Kevin Dye
Dan King
Mike Maroney
Ethan Koozer
Gates Big Shot
Dave Phillips Frank Black and the Catholics Pedalhead
Ike Wilis Project Object
Frank Zappa (formerly)
Six Shot
Gina Corso Jersey Gina Entertainment Gigman
All Members Mercury Rev Custom Boards
Kerry Marx Grand Ole Opry House Band
Johnny Cash (formerly)
Randy Bowland Al Green, Jill Scott, Maxwell Gigman
Scott Murawski Mike Gordon Band
Max creek
Big Shot
Angus Clark Trans Siberian Orchestra Gigman
Chris Bucheit The Chris Bucheit Group Custom
Michael Parker Stone Sole River Big Shot
Chase Noble Chase Noble Custom
Tommy Miller Gods Are Ghosts Big Shot
C'jay Costello Ricky Lee and the Mustangs Big Shot
Lane Coker Lane Coker and Big Delta Pedalhead
Kevin Plessner Oceanographer, Monuments Big Shot
David Cullen Knives Out, Polkadot Cadaver Pedalhead
Jason Sazer Hungry Tigers Big Shot
Torie Talbert Vragmotor Big Shot
Mikey Manville The Manvils Custom
Rob Chojnacki Breaking Laces Lunchbox
Garrett Fitzgerald From Love to Forfeit Lunchbox
Patrick Schlabs Patrick Schlabs Custom
Matty Marcus
Brian Connors
Nifty Breed Pedalhead
Six Shot
Billy Chase Mafia Track Suit Custom
DJ Yackley Fighting Gemini Six Shot
Eric Tischler The Jet Age Big Shot
Harper Willis Two Lights Band Big Shot
Mark Cherone Hurt Smile Custom
Jorge Alvarado
Teo Baires
True Worship Ministry Pedalhead
Jayesh Gandhi Electrik Buddha Custom
Taylor McCleskey The Tarlatans Big Shot Deluxe
Heath Robinson Tyler and the Tribe Pedalhead
Chris Lorenz Coasta Custom